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A little help was all we were expecting from Sir Bhattacharya to aid our budding School in Shillong, in 2018. Little did I expect that the “little help” would turn into such a wonderful friendship between the well established ISG and our humble Shillong Chamber School. This friendship has grown each year along with your unconditional encouragement and support. The teachers of ISG and its staff have become an invaluable help to my colleagues and I. We are indebted. God bless

I feel proud to inform you that Antareeksha has been selected by University of California, Davis for Undergraduate Programme with Major in Cinema and Digital Media for the Fall 2021 Quarter.

She is also in the Wait Listed Candidate of University of California, San Diego.

This would not have been possible without the support of International School, Guwahati, when it mattered the most.

Thank you for your kind cooperation, assistance and guidance.

No words could be enough to appreciate the kind of exemplary care and attention my son has received at ISG. I take the opportunity to thank the school management on its policy of imparting scholastic education through personalized attention derived from an excellent student and teacher ratio in a classroom.

ISG, the name itself brings fond memories of my school days. Being a student at ISG helped me immensely in becoming the person I am today, be it academically or morally. I would like to thank everyone of the entire ISG Family and especially our Dean Sir for being extremely helpful all throughout.

I consider it my good fortune that I could be a part of ISG.

ISG has made my children confident in all spheres of their lives. The teacher students ratio have made personalised learning making ISG provide quality education. The overall extracurricular facilities with ambiance environment is an asset to ISG. The seasonal festivals observed at ISG are appreciated which makes anyone comfortable coming from diversed walk of life of the region. Wishing ISG all success in all endeavours they seek.

Our daughter (Anoushka Jyoti Kalita) is studying in ISG since her UKG days (2012-2013). Our primary motivating factor about selecting this school was the IGCSE board, which is an international board. As far as our experience with the school is concerned, we are very satisfied with the board curriculum as well as with the school environment.

We sincerely wish the school continues to grow, maintaining its high standards and its disciplined environment.

As an institution catering to the schooling needs of children of our region, International School Guwahati has served as the nurturing platform in multiple respects, including academic, and as a parent I feel that the teaching-learning process is done justice to, from which my son and daughter have found their groove. I believe that this school will be that space where the facilitation of creative and critical engagement will be the hallmark for students as it has been since its inception, and surely, it deserves due appreciation.

I had the privilege of having two of my sons study in The International School. The school caters to an ethnically diverse community with a rich educational system complemented by a fully equipped science lab, and art/craft department. The discipline and challenges children undergo has helped shape my sons futures and develop profound principles and deep morale values.

The incorporation of International standard pedagogical system with the introduction of IGCSE, first of its kind in the NE was applaudable. It allows students to pursue their studies in various fields and encourages a smooth transition to studying abroad.

ISG is more than a family to me. Every staff member has a very positive response to every one of us. Every teacher and specially our respected Dean sir has a very motivating influence on us. Those 2 years in ISG will always be a one of the sweetest memories of my life.

Lastly I want to thank ISG for all your valuable gifts of knowledge and experience about life.


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