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ISG was set up to nurture the mental, emotional, cognitive, rational and social development of a child, right from the preliminary stages of life. The purpose is to mould growing minds to pursue higher studies easily by acquiring an education based on knowledge, not mere information. Those who want to build careers, do well in IIT/JEE or study abroad at some stage would benefit from education at ISG.

ISG aims to offer an education that:

  • Encourages a questioning spirit.
  • Extends the range of academic subjects in all major subject groups.
  • Provides quality and depth across all such subjects.
  • Flourishes from the inter-relationship between teaching and scholarship.
  • Enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

The Cambridge System emphasises practical application of theoretical knowledge and students learn by doing or experiencing what they learn. As a result, the understanding of subjects is not just limited to the pages of textbooks but is a part of everyday life. Early training in the Cambridge way will develop in the child:

  • Mathematical and Logical reasoning.
  • Reading and Writing skills.
  • Physical co-ordination.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Communication and Comprehension skills.
  • Imaginative and Analytical thinking.
  • Literary and Poetic expression.
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Independent thinking skills


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